The crew

We strive to let you enjoy every moment together

‘I want to do that myself!’

At the end of the 80s I completed my degree in social psychology and started working as a ship mate on a friend’s ship. This is where started to learn the trade, hands-on. Then one day in 1994 I realised this was something I wanted to do myself. I bought de Verwisseling; “my ship”, from the moment I stepped aboard.

Contact with my guests

In the many sailing seaons following this realisation, I’ve never regretted my choice. The work always proves refreshing and exciting, especially thanks to the contact with my guests. Some want to sail as fast as possible, some use the boat as a place to talk and catch up, and others simply to relax and think. I enjoy tailoring every trip to my guests’ wishes.

A perfect combination

In addition to working on my ship, I have a second job which I greatly enjoy. I’ve been working as a guide in the Maritime Museum since 2012. ‘Boats’ and people – the perfect combination!


Of course, I’m not alone

I always have an enthousiastic mate sailing with me. This year, Maaike will be accompanying me. We’re used to taking out novice sailors en will gladly explain how everything works and what’s going on. If anything is unclear, just ask us. I clearly remember being Johanna, de caterdame van zeilschip Verwisseling uit Muidentaken off guard the first time I sailed!

If you make use of the catering options, a third crewmate will join us. Often this will be Johanna. She’ll prepare your food, serve it and take care of the dishes. You’ll have nothing to worry about. I’m not exaggerating when I say that Johanna regularly gets a standing ovation for her barbeque on the uninhabited island Hooft.


Has your curiosity been piqued? Would you like more information? Contact me so I can help you plan the perfect trip, and check out our delicious catering options.

Or, if you already know when you’d like to sail, check out the availability of de Verwisseling here.