The National Maritime Museum

Sailing combined with gripping maritime tales

When I’m not sailing my boat de Verwisseling, I give tours in the National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam. This museum boasts the second-largest maritime collection in the world. Docked at the pier behind the museum is the impressive replica of the Dutch East India Company’s ship Amsterdam and the beautiful renovated royal barge.


An ideal combination: a visit to the Maritime Museum in the morning, followed by a relaxing afternoon sailing on the Markermeer, a hearty meal and a relaxing return home.


The visit to the museum, tours of the various expositions and the replica ship, sailing on de Verwisseling and transportation between Amsterdam and Muiden can all be arranged according to your needs.



Giving exact prices for this trip is not easy, because of the many variables and options.

Contact me and I’ll gladly work out a tailored arrangement, according to your wishes as far as transportation, tours, and food are concerned.

One thing there can be no doubt about, is that this trip will be an unforgettable experience! More information about the National Maritime Museum can be found on their website.


Any specific wishes? Contact me!

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