Custom catering

Savour the moment

If you’re not in the mood to cook, we can take care of all, or part of, the catering for you. Have a look at the overview of possibilities below. A celebratory reception, healthy lunch, snacks and finger food can all be arranged. And of course the atmospheric ship is an excellent place to dine!

Custom meals

If you can’t find what you’re looking for below, don’t hesitate to contact me. I would be glad to explore other options with you, according to your wishes.

Changes up to 7 days in advance

All prices are per person and include tax. Your order can be changed up to 7 days in advance.


Reception on board

Coffee/tea with Dutch gingerbread

€ 3,95

Coffee/tea with apple cake and whipped cream

€ 4,90

Fancy coffee reception: Coffee, tea, muffins, various cakes and raisin bread with butter

€ 6,25


Seaman’s lunch: various rolls with cheese and meats, raisin buns and fresh fruit

€ 13,25

Fancy seaman’s lunch: various rolls, generously filled with luxury meats and various Dutch and foreign cheeses, fresh fruit

€ 15,25

Luxury lunch: Platters with various luxury meats, Dutch and foreign cheeses, various types of fish (eel, salmon), fancy rolls and fresh fruit

€ 20,25

Side dish: Fresh vegetable or tomato soup

€ 2,75

All lunches include coffee, tea, milk, buttermilk and orange juice


Scrambled eggs with bacon, salmon with capers and onion, bouillon, platters with various meats and cheeses, assorted sweet toppings, various types of breads and rolls, raisin bread, muffins, orange juice, coffee and tea

€ 19,50

High tea

Several kinds of tea, fingerfood sandwiches with salmon and creamcheese and chicken with bacon, scones with cream and jam, muffins, petit four and cream puffs

€ 17,50


Salt snacks and nuts

€ 3,35

Herring with onions and pickles

€ 5,00

Dutch finger food: cheese cubes, various sausages and pickles

€ 7,25

Fancy finger food: mixed nuts, cheese cubes, ‘Osseworst’ (raw beef sausage) Dutch salted herring and salmon on toast

€ 9,25

Italian fingerfood: mozzarella with tomato and basil, salami, parma ham, italian chees, green and black olives and tapenade

€ 9,25


One-pan dishes, your choice of

  • chicken curry with rice
  • Boeuf bourguignon with rice
  • nasi goreng with satay, atjar ketimoen (sweet-and-sour pickled cucumber), prawn crackers and fried egg
  • spaghetti bolognese with bread and a mixed salad
  • kale or sauerkraut ‘stamppot’ with bacon and a sausage
  • pea soup with sausage, bacon and rye bread

€ 15,00


Italian buffet (minimum 15 people): bread with crema, green salad, caprese, vitello tonato, pasta salmone, lasagne with spinach, lemon chicken with oregano and pomodori sauce

€ 33,50

Indonesian buffet: nasi putih (white rice), nasi kuning (yellow rice), atjar tjampoer (sweet-and-sour pickled vegetables), atjar ketimoen (sweet-and-sour pickled cucumber), seroendeng (fried coconut flakes with peanuts), ajam kerrie (chicken curry), smoor (beef in ketjap sauce), sambal goreng beans (spicy beans), gado gado (vegetable dish with peanut sauce), sambal goreng telor (eggs in sambal)

€ 31,00


Tasty barbeque: two large chicken and shrimp skewers, coulotte (marinated steak), hamburger, various salads, cocktail sauce, garlic sauce and whiskey sauce, various breads with garlic butter

€ 26,50

Fancy barbeque: salmon filet, hamburger, coulotte (marinated steak), a big chicken satay skewer, shrimpskewer, various salads, cocktail sauce, garlic sauce and whiskey sauce, various breads with garlic butter

€ 30,50

Culinary barbeque: fish skewer, beef burgers, beef tenderloin, lamb rack, spareribs, various salads, accompanying sauces, baguette and garlic butter

€ 33,75


Coffee/tea with chocolate and bonbons

€ 4,25

Muider coffee (coffee with a liquor from Muiden) with whipped cream

€ 4,25

Coffee with chocolate cake

€ 5,25


€ 4,95

Breakfast buffet

Fried eggs with bacon, various types of breads and luxury rolls, platters with assorted meats and cheeses, various sweet toppings, orange juice, coffee and tea

€ 12,75

Beverages on board

Open bar, part-day (4 hours)

€ 20,00

Open bar, day-trip (7 hours)

€ 24,00

Bar, prices per drink:


€ 1,55


€ 1,95

Draft beer

€ 2,00

Jenever (Dutch gin), Berenburg (spiced jenever), Muider Schipperbitter (liquor from Muiden)

€ 2,50

Wine, per bottle

€ 16,00

Wine, per glass

€ 3,00

Service and cleaning fee

If you choose to make use of the catering service, the following service and cleaning fees apply:

Part-day, 4 hours

€ 120,00

Day-trip, 7 hours

€ 175,00

Additional time, per hour

€ 20,00


All prices include 9% VAT, except for service and cleaning fees and alcoholic beverages; these include 21% VAT.